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Aldomet 500mg Tablets

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By Naresh Beehany at 2:01 pm, Oct 03, 2013 ___>

|Previously assessed against UK PIL dated April 2010 |


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Like all medicines, Aldomet Tablets can cause side effects, although not everybody gets them.

Tell your doctor as soon as possible, if you notice any of the following serious side effects such as:

•    chest pain, slow heart rate, or existing angina made worse

•    severe skin reactions (such as painful reddening, followed by blistering and peeling of layers of skin)

•    liver problems, including jaundice and hepatitis - signs include yellowing of your skin and eyes, sometimes with a fever, pale stools and dark urine

•    pain in the gut and diarrhoea caused by inflammation of the bowel (colitis)

•    severe pain in the gut and back caused by inflammation of the pancreas (pancreatitis).

The following reactions have also been reported:


•    reduction in red blood cells (anaemia) - this can make your skin pale and make you weak or breathless

•    abnormal blood test causing symptoms such as pale skin, tiredness, fever and sore throat

•    bruising and prolonged bleeding after injury

Nervous system:

•    feeling sleepy or tired - this may happen at the start of treatment or when the dose is increased, and usually goes away

•    headache or feeling weak - this may happen at the start of treatment and usually goes away

•    pins and needles

•    being unable to move part of your face (paralysis)

•    having movements you cannot control

•    confusion

•    frequent dizziness or fainting

•    dizziness due to low blood pressure and light-headedness (particularly when standing up quickly)

Nose and chest:

•    nasal stuffiness

Stomach and gut:

•    feeling sick

•    being sick

•    abdominal pain

•    feeling bloated

•    constipation

•    excess wind

•    diarrhoea

•    dry mouth

•    sore or black tongue

Skin and hair:

•    skin rash or peeling skin

Joints and muscles:

•    painful and/or swollen joints

•    muscle pains


•    swelling of salivary glands General:

•    water retention causing swelling and weight gain

•    fever


•    breast enlargement

•    breast development in men

•    loss of periods in women

•    abnormal production of milk

•    changes in sexual function such as impotence and not being able to ejaculate

•    decreased sex drive


•    mental changes, including nightmares or depression Laboratory tests:

•    your doctor may need to carry out simple blood tests during the first few months of therapy with Aldomet Tablets. Results could show:

•    a decrease in blood cell production

•    an increase in some white blood cells

•    abnormal levels of prolactin

•    Aldomet Tablets may also interfere with the interpretation of certain blood and urine tests

If any of the side effects gets serious, or if you notice any side effects not listed in this leaflet, please tell your doctor or pharmacist.


•    Keep out of the sight and reach of children

•    Do not store above 25°C. Store in the original package to protect from light.

•    Do not transfer your medicine into another container, as it might get mixed up.

•    If you have any medicine left over when your doctor tells you to stop using it, return it to the pharmacist.

•    Do not use the medicine past the expiry date, which is clearly marked on the pack.

•    If the tablets become discoloured or show any other signs of deterioration, you should ask your doctor or pharmacist who will advise you what to do.


What is in your medicine?

The active ingredient in Aldomet Tablets is methyldopa.

Aldomet Tablets are available as film-coated tablets, which come in two different strengths.

Each Aldomet 250mg Tablets contains methyldopa equivalent to 250mg anhydrous methyldopa. They are yellow-coloured, circular, biconvex tablets and are debossed with ‘ALDOMET' on one side and ‘250' on the reverse.

Each Aldomet 500mg Tablets contains methyldopa equivalent to 500mg anhydrous methyldopa. They are yellow -coloured, circular, biconvex tablets and are debossed with 'ALDOMET' on one side and '500' on the reverse.

Aldomet Tablets contain: cellulose powder, anhydrous citric acid, colloidal anhydrous silica, ethylcellulose, guar gum, magnesium stearate, sodium calcium edetate, hypromellose, propylene glycol. quinoline yellow aluminium lake E104, red iron oxide E172, talc, titanium dioxide (E171).

Aldomet 250mg Tablets are available in blister packs of 60.

Aldomet 500mg Tablets are available in blister packs of 30 and 60.

|POM|    PL No 15814/0897 Aldomet 250mg Tablets/ Methyldopa 250mg Tablets

PL No 15814/0898 Aldomet 500mg Tablets/ Methyldopa 500mg Tablets Who makes your medicine?

Aldomet Tablets are made by Iroko Products Limited, One Silk Street, London EC2Y 8HQ and procured from within the EU and repackaged by the Product Licence Holder OPD Laboratories Limited., Unit 6 Colonial Way, Watford, Herts WD24 4PR.

Leaflet revision and issue date (Ref.) 10.09.2013.

Aldomet is a registered trademark of Iroko Pharmaceuticals, LLC.