Ascalix Syrup 750mg/5ml

Patient Information Leaflet Ascalix Syrup 750mg/5ml 09 March 1999

Ascalix Syrup 750mg/5ml

Piperazine Hydrate

Ascalix Syrup contains Piperazine Citrate equivalent to Piperazine Hydrate 750mg/5ml.

Other ingredients in the product are Sucrose. Glycerin. Sodium Saccharin, Hydroxybenzoates (Methyl, Kthyl Propyl and Butyl), Propylene Glycol, Flavouring (Malaga Raisin Essence, Morelia Cherry Essence). Caramel (E150) and Water.

Ascalix Syrup 750mg/5ml is available in 100ml bottles.

The active ingredient in Ascalix is known as an anthelmintic. This type of medicine paralyses the roundworm in the intestine so that it is eliminated with the faeces.

The product licence holder is Wallace Manufacturing Chemists Ltd, 52 Queen Anne Street London WIM 9LA. England. The product is manufactured by Anglian Manufacturing Chemists Ltd Enterprise Road, Mablethorpe. Lincolnshire LNI2 ILH, England.

Ascalix is for the oral treatment of pinworm. threadworm and roundworm infestation.

Before you use Ascalix

Do not use (he product if:

•    you are senstive to Piperazine or any of the other ingredients.

•    you suffer from kidney failure.

•    you a history of epilepsy.

•    you have moderate or severe liver impairment.

If you arc pregnant then consult your doctor before using Ascalix.

Precautions for use of Ascalix

If you are malnourished or have anaemia consult your doctor before first using this product

When treating roundworm infestation, if you have normal bowel movement then a laxative is not

normally required but if you are currently constipated a laxative should be taken about 12 hours after

treatment before the effect of Ascalix on the worms wears off.

Interactions with other medicines

Ascalix may interact with other medicines you arc taking including Phenothiazines and Pyrantel

Pamoate, fell your doctor about any other medicines you are taking.


Treatment of Pinworm or Threadworm.

Take by mouth the following dose once daily for seven days:

Adults and Children over 12 years 15ml (three 5ml spoonfuls)

Children 5 to 12 years    10ml (two 5ml spoonfuls)

Children 2 to 4 years    5ml (one 5ml spoonful)

Children I to 2 years    2.5ml (half a 5ml spoonful)

Treatment of Roundworm.

I ake by mouth the following dose once only.

Adults and Children over 12 years 30ml (six 5ml spoonfuls)

Children 8 to 12 years    20ml (four 5ml spoonfuls)

Children 3 to 8 years    15ml (three 5ml spoonfuls)

Children I to 2 years    7.5ml (one and one half a 5ml spoonful)

Ascalix is nut recommended for children under I year.


Ifyou have taken an overdose then symptoms are likely to be the same as listed under Undesirable effects. Ensure that you take plenty of fluids, and seek early medical attention taking this leaflet with you if possible.

Undesirable effects

Side effects arc not common when used as directed but the following side effects have been reported Stomach and Intestinal upsets.

Drowsiness, confusion, reduced mobility and reduced muscle action.

Contractions of the lower part of the bowel (usually only when other disease conditions are present). Abdominal cramps, headaches, dizziness, tremors, unusual body flexing, visual disturbances and cataracts.

Allergic reactions have occasionally been reported, fltese include skin reactions, pains in the joints fever, fluid retention in body tissues, and raised heartbeat, rashes (characterised by many smooth, raised, pinkish itchy weals, or by inflammation resulting in blisters, redness, swelling, oozing, scaling and itchiness), light induced skin irritation, watering eyes, irritation of the nose and rarely an asthmalike difficulty in breathing.

One of the non active ingredients is glycerin (sometimes called glycerol). Glycerin is harmful in high doses. It can cause headaches and can cause stomach upsets and diarrhoea.

Ifyou suffer any of these effects in a severe form or have any other reaction that you believe may be due to taking Ascalix consult your doctor.


Do not use the product after the marked expiry date.

Store in a cool place.

Leaflet revision date: 09 March 1999