Kl One Minute Poultice

Revised 27/04/2011:

Correction to Section 6.4


1. Name of the Veterinary Medicinal Product

KL One Minute Poultice

2. Qualitative and Quantitative Composition

Name of ingredient

Quantity in 100g

Heavy Kaolin




Boric Acid


Peppermint Oil


Methyl Salicylate




3. Pharmaceutical Form


4. Pharmacological Properties

Active Ingredients

Heavy Kaolin


Boric Acid

Peppermint Oil

Methyl Salicylate

Pharmacodynamic Properties

KL One Minute Poultice possesses emollient properties. It provides heat and moisture locally to relieve pain and draw pus, if present, from a wound. It also exerts an osmotic effect, collecting fluid and toxic products at the site of application. A rubifacient or counter-irritant action may be obtained.

Pharmacokinetic Properties

The product is for external use only.

5. Clinical Particulars

5.1 Target Species


5.2 Indications for Use

As an aid in the reduction of inflammation and to alleviate pain in horses

5.3 Contra-indications

Not for use in horses intended for human consumption

5.4 Undesirable Effects

Rarely hypersensitivity reactions can occur

5.5 Special Precautions for Use

Use as directed, or as instructed by veterinary surgeon

For external use only

5.6 Use During Pregnancy and Lactation

Avoid in pregnancy and lactation, unless advised by a veterinary surgeon

5.7 Interaction with other Medicaments and other forms of Interaction

No significant clinical interactions known

5.8 Posology and Method of Administration


Immerse the pouch (foil side up) in boiling water for no more than 40 seconds.

(Temperature of the Kaolin will then be approximately 88°C).



5.9 Overdose (symptoms, emergency procedures, antidotes)

Should accidental ingestion occur, treat symptomatically

5.10 Special Warnings for each Target Species

If signs of disease persist or appear, consult a veterinary surgeon

5.11 Withdrawal Period

Not for use in horses intended for human consumption

5.12 Special Safety Precautions to be taken by the Person Administering the Product to Animals

Wear rubber gloves when using the product

Wash hands after use

6. Pharmaceutical Particulars

6.1 Major Incompatibilities

None known

6.2 Shelf Life

3 years

6.3 Special Precautions for Storage

Do not store above 30°C

6.4 Nature and Contents of Container

Polypropylene Pouch containing 150g

6.5 Special Precautions for the Disposal of Unused Medicinal Product or Waste Materials, if any


7. Final Information

Name and Permanent Address of the Holder of the Authorisation to Market the Product

KL Pharmaceutical Limited

21 Macadam Place

South Newmoor

Irvine, Ayrshire

KA11 4HP

Marketing Authorisation: Vm 03436/4002

Date of approval/last revision of the SPC: 27/04/2011